With Reserve, Jeunesse Global is pushing the boundaries of health science

Jeunesse Global is a name that rings familiar to many, even if they can’t pinpoint where they have heard it or what the company does. The increasingly widespread recognition of the Jeunesse Global name is a result of the company’s meteoric rise from a garage-based startup to becoming one of the most significant players on the international health and beauty scene.

Founded just nine years ago, Jeunesse Global was the brainchild of retired direct-marketing entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who had spent their entire career building successful companies. The couple had long been financially well-off, and they were now looking to enjoy their retirement, spending the quality time with each other and their grandkids that had long been suborned to their busy and hectic careers.

But it was not to be. Ray and Lewis first started selling a few products out of their impressive Florida mansion as a way to pass the time. After just a few months, however, the couple’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked into overdrive. Jeunesse Global was taking its first baby steps onto staircase to the top of the global health and beauty sector.

From the beginning, Jeunesse had many advantages. The biggest of these was the sheer volume of experience that both Ray and Lewis possessed in the industry. Lewis was quickly able to tap into her vast network of industry contacts, which included some of the top research and development engineers in the industry.

One result of the company’s nimbleness in the development of new products has been its Reserve health drink. Making use of resveratrol, one of the key health-protecting components in red wine, Jeunesse was able to develop a product that confers most of the benefits of drinking two glasses of red wine per day, without the harmful side effects of alcohol consumption.

Reserve is one of the first drinks of its kind, enabling users to get an incredible infusion of life-promoting ingredients in just one, densely mixed drink. And Reserve tastes great. With all-natural ingredients, such as acai, blueberries and pomegranate, users say that Reserve tastes more like a freshly-squeezed juice-bar beverage than a pre-packaged health drink.