The Unique and Productive Strategy Run by Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was the President of Pratt & Whitney Company. However, Pratt & Whitney was not a standalone company. It was instead a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) which used to be a multi-national corporation that used to serve with both civilian as well as military economies. It was involved in the production of various products such as elevators, security systems, and HVAC as well as aircraft engines. UTC was credibly a completive and vigorous industry, but just like the most of the businesses in the year 2006, it was also subjected to the severe economic recession at this particular time.

The ultimate role of Louis Chenevert in Pratt & Whitney was to make it profitable and efficient in its production. Louis Chenevert managed to turn some heads in UTC and by the year 2006. He was elected as the chairman of UTC. Louis Chenevert quickly grew up to the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Louis Chenevert managed to make a chain of improvements to this organization when the market economy was subjected to a severe downturn to insulate them from the massive losses that most companies were going through.

Louis Chenevert was able to integrate all that surround the outsourcing. This was one of the primary tactics that he used to undertake. As many companies were credibly cutting down the cost by outsourcing their workers or even moving production to the nations that that were ready to work for cheap, Louis Chenevert used to run production into the United States. Louis Chenevert reasoning was that most cheap labor would lead to the creation of affordable products and thus, UTC was able to move workers and engineers into a centralized location by shifting them to their home state of Connecticut. The primary role of this operation was to put all the top minds and workers in a predetermined region whereby they would manage to aim at solving the problems together. This was more effective rather than having multiple divisions scattered all across the country.

However, this never seems to be a cost-effective mechanism since most businesses were of the opinion that cheap foreign labor was the best way to go. This would, in turn, reduce the quality of production. Through Louis Chenevert Mechanism, UTC was able to sustain their top rank during the hard times of the Great Recession and was capable of increasing their quality of their stock. Thanks to Louis Chenevert.