Talk Fusion: Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion University was recently launched in June of 2017. It is a network marketing company created by Bob Reina and his corporation, Talk Fusion. The University program shares Bob Reina’s 25 years of experience in networking and marketing. This program is a private online training course for Talk Fusion associates to enhance their skills. There are motivational videos, written resources, and step-by-step instructional videos.


The program is also suggested to be team orientated. To generate an income, associates must focus on what is best for the entire team, not just for themselves. Currently, there are over 30 videos in the University. Bob Reina explains how to uncover Talk Fusion’s business and products to others. He has a wealth of resources from his journalism and the company’s blog.


According to Reina, everyone needs the chance to learn how to earn more money and build upon their lives. Each person has the ability to change, but must show full commitment to the program offered. Soon, the platform will be translated in German, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, and Hungarian. A Talk Fusion Associate ID is also required for entry. The regular public will not be able to access the software package.


In 2007, Talk Fusion was established by CEO and Founder, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion has been assisting businesspersons and businesses succeed for the last ten years. They do this with all-in-one video marketing programs and numerous extra resources. The company also offers connections in over 140 nations. Talk Fusion shows true dedication in helping businesses stand apart from their competitors. Sales are increased along with profits, keeping customers coming back. Presently, there are 30 day Free Trials of the Video Marketing Solutions for those who would like to try the program. Talk Fusion continues its commitment to giving back to friends, family, charities for animals, and communities. Learn more:


Talk Fusion Launches a Precedent-Setting Training Program; the Talk Fusion University