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The impact of hearing loss not only affects the lives of people but it can also restrict their activities as well.

Signs of a hearing loss may take in having to adjust a higher sound on the television, have people say things a number of times or experience struggles hearing in noisy places.

To address the issue in the UK where one in six people have some type of hearing loss, Sussex Health Care Audiology collaborates with NHS to deliver audiology services to the community.

An audiologist will undertake testing that includes using an otoscope to look at the ears, followed by putting on headphones which have the patient taking note of pitch sounds and degrees of volume.

An audiologist is a health care specialist who is trained to evaluate hearing loss and to work with individuals in treating and managing their hearing needs.

Another part of the testing may include the patient adding on a headband, listening to sounds and bearing down on a button when they hear a sound.

Additional tests similar to speech discrimination testing may be required as necessary. When the testing has been concluded, the audiologist will pass along a copy of the hearing test and talk over the results with the patient.

If a hearing aid is necessary, a fitting may be scheduled. SHC Audiology provides a 24 month warranty on all hearing devices they make available.

What’s more, Sussex Healthcare Audiology furnishes assistive listening devices, such as special telephones, that work with hearing aids. Custom-made ear protection devices and swim plugs can also be made to order.

Patients feedback, available on SHC Audiology’s website, ranges from great change for the better with the aids to friendly, supportive services. Another patient emphasized how impressive it was to take notice of the birds singing following a long time of quiet.

SHC Audiology, which is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) as required by IQIPS Standard, operates in Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire with Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Dr. Shiraz Boghani carrying on as joint chairmen at Sussex Health Care, an independent group of care homes based mainly in Sussex.

IQIPS is the only nationally acknowledged accreditation system available in the UK for audiology services.

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