Sound Engineer Hutson: Master of a Tight Well Oiled Machine

Behind the curtains at concerts, lies a vast sea of blood, sweat, and tears. People who have broken their backs to ensure equipment has been delivered and set up. People who have checked and rechecked the functionality of whatever contraptions involved in the performance. Clay Hutson is usually one of those people. Due to his status, it is expected to be seated with other established members of the industry but he prefers to be in the thick of it. Tightening bolts and other seemingly mundane tasks.


Clayton has a solid understanding of what works well and what does not. He develops visions of his concerts then draws them up on CAD design. This gives him a virtual image to work with. A storyboard to tweak to perfection. Clay absolutely loves events. He loves to nitpick at every silly little detail, it is his joy. He arrives first on concert venues to see to these minute details. He is safety conscious and diligent. Mr. Hutson has an appreciation for good sound and will strive to achieve it by no means possible. He swears by DiGiCo consoles that he says to do exactly what the captain asks.


Reputation is an important part of the business. One must strive to have their work introduce them before they do. This is the way to build a strong successful brand. Clayton has mastered the art of building a brand. He is seen as the guy who will go to any lengths to achieve impeccable results. He operates ahead of the curve, every time, which is an excellent trait in the business. Clayton is a strong believer in the power of will and attitude.


His struggle for greatness has Clayton believing in some very unpopular ideas. He does not care much for political correctness and enthusiasm. He thinks that talent is everything. Talent and a passion for the craft cannot be taught or swapped for excitability. His unparalleled skill and expanse of experience make him an authority and therefore this stance is not to be argued with. He has an admiration for artists who do not mind pushing the envelope to achieve that wow factor every concert should have. Learn more: