Securus Technologies Protects Correctional Officers and the General Public with Wireless Containment Systems

Robert Johnson was an effective correctional officer in the state of Florida. While on duty, Johnson identified a box of contraband that was intended to be introduced illicitly into the inmate population. Because of the efforts, the contraband never saw the light of day within the institution.


Not every one was pleased with the effective work of correctional officer Johnson. Indeed, the inmate behind the attempt to smuggle the contraband into the facility was deeply upset. The inmate decided he wanted to avenge what Johnson did.


The inmate had in his possession an illegal cellphone. The reality is that illegal cellphones among criminal offenders represents a serious problem in correctional institutions in this day and age. This includes correctional facilities on the local, state, and federal levels.


Securus Technologies is leading the way when it comes to developing solutions to eliminate illegal cellphones from the inmate population in North America. Towards this crucial objective, Securus Technologies has developed the Wireless Containment Systems, or WCS. The WCS is capable to preventing the introduction of illegal cellphones into an institution in the first instance. Securus Technologies WCS is also effective at identifying and eliminating mobile devices from correctional facilities when they do end up inside.


Securus Technologies has revealed some shocking statistics in regard to the use of illegal communication devices by inmates. Securus Technologies presented data from the use of its solutions in eight correctional facilities. Over the course of one year period of time, Securus Technologies prevented an astounding 1.7 million illegal inmate communications at these eight facilities. Contrast this data with the fact that there are thousands of correctional facilities in the United States alone, from jails to prisons.


In the Johnson case, the inmate with the cellphone called an associate and put a hit on the correctional officer. The associated went to Johnson’s home in the early morning hours, broke in, and shot the correctional officer multiple times.


Johnson was injured seriously. Doctors initially thought he would survive the brutal attack. But he did. He eventually recovered and took his life on a new course.


When he recovered from the horrific attempt on his life, Johnson dedicated himself to fighting to eliminate cellphones illegally present in correctional institutions. Not only do cellphones in the hands of inmates jeopardize the security of correctional facilities, these devices presents very real threats to public safety.


Located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves various needs of law enforcement and correctional agencies in the United States and Canada. Indeed, at this point in time Securus Technologies provides its products, services, and solutions at over 3,400 agencies. This equates to providing services at institutions that house over 1.2 million inmates located across North America.