Samuel Strauch, South Florida, and Metrik Real Estate

     Located in Miami Florida, Metrik Real Estate is a successful real estate firm with Samuel Strauch as the key principal. With having such success, proper education and the right preparation was an essential part of Samuel Strauch real estate growth process. With undergraduate degrees from Hofstra University in New York, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and Harvard University he started his career in banking. However, after some time Samuel Strauch decided to join the family business in real estate.

In 2002 Samuel Strauch decided to start his own real estate company that provides a successful platform of equity sourcing, brokerage management and financial development. Samuel Strauch keys to his successful real estate business is always making a strong effort to meeting new people. The network of these relationships establish strong friendships which sets his firm apart from the rest.

As part of a positive work environment Samuel Strauch recommends that all of his employees consistently remind themselves of things that they are grateful for in life. To be specific listing three is ideal. Also, setting daily goals and specific intentions while having an open mind are some of the habits implemented daily.

Apart from starting a successful real estate firm in Miami Florida Samuel Strauch is an active investor in several businesses. He has a passion and love for photography and unique art. As a top rated real estate professional in the Miami-Dade county Samuel Strauch has completed several traction’s in several areas including Aventura and Miami Beach and states technological advancements as a key strategy in making Metrik Real Estate a success.