Rocketship Education’s Response to Biased Media

Rocketship Education is a public elementary school that provides education to students from low-income families who have limited access to excellent schools. The institution was established in 2006 with the primary goal of eliminating the achievement gap among students from low-income families. The institution is using a blend of adaptive technology, traditional instruction, and targeted tutoring to meet various needs of all its students. The institution believes that a transformative school does more than just educating students.

Rocketship Education is experiencing rapid expansion as it opens more than two new branches in different areas of the country every year. The institution has expanded to Nashville, Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. Currently, the institution serves more than 25,000 students from low-income families. The institution has a leadership development program that trains teachers on how to build a good relationship with their students.

Most recently, the media through the National Public Radio (NPR), questioned how public schools manage their classrooms, how students use technology and staff allocation. Rocketship Education, though it’s CEO has reacted to the media coverage claiming that the media did not provide an accurate and fair picture concerning the institution. The institution claims that the media assumed that it is the same as other neighborhood schools when it comes to internal practices and teaching models.

The CEO of Rocketship Education confirmed that the coverage by NPR painted a wrong picture about the institution. He claimed that every institution has its own approach when it comes to classroom management, which makes them different from each other. According to him, the media claims was as a result of narrow research.

Rocketship Education is different from other public schools in terms of classroom management. The institution has classroom policies and roles that help in managing the behavior of its students. The teachers are also provided with training to make them understand how to control the classroom. In addition, the institution has a lab rotation model which helps in managing how much students use technology. Finally, the institution has hired enough teachers to ensure that attention is provided to all students.