Robert Deignan’s Career In Sports And Technology

Robert Deignan went to the St. Thomas Aquinas High School between the years 1988 and the year 1992. He later joined the University of Purdue where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in the year 1995. Three years after completing his studies, Robert Deignan dabbled in sports for a while. This was after an active participation in football while in college and high school as well. He played for the Miami Dolphins then later played for the New York Jets before stepping back from the football scene for a while.

Robert Deignan decided to start his own business venture which he co-established and named Fanlink Corporation in the year 1998. For more than two years, he worked in the firm that was located in Fort Lauderdale Florida as a principle until mid-2001. He then moved to the Boynton Beach area of Florida in the month of June in the year 2002, when he got hired by IS2 Corporation. For more than nine years, he worked in the company as the executive vice president until the year 2011 when he left to start his own business which he still runs up to date.

Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Services LLC

Robert Deignan launched the company ATS Digital Services LLC in the year 2011. ATS Digital Services Company is a digital support company that serves global clients by helping them with their technological issues or concerns. Such issues may include troubleshooting problems or even issues with connectivity. The company is able to detect and solve a variety of issues within the shortest period of time. The idea of the company came to him when he was working at his previous job where he had many issues with the company’s software as well as other technical issues. So he and his partner decided to come up with a solution hence the company.

Despite his focus on the daily running of his digital solutions company, Robert Deignan still plays an active role in the sports industry. Being that a sport is his first love, Robert Deignan currently takes part in offshore fishing tournaments. It may not be like playing football but to him, it’s the adrenaline that comes with the activity that counts.