Reverse Showroom Technique in Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has undergone tremendous growth in Fashion for the past three years, the company now remains competitive against other e-commerce giants such as Amazon. There is a steady rise in the demand for activewear, Fabletics has merged this gap by selling high quality clothing through subscription mechanic and customer membership.


With the recent dynamics in the needs of consumers, key concepts such as brand recognition, customer experience, exclusive design, and gamification elements are now key determinants of product quality.


Fabletics has consistently registered high performance levels through its strategies and positioning. Besides its fashion membership brand, the company will open more physical stores this year. Apparently, Fabletics run on 16 stores that are found in California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii among others.


The membership model practiced at Fabletics has directly helped the company to build high values brands. The model has equally helped the company to offer personalized services to its clients at a more affordable price compared to their market competitors.


Fabletics highly advocated for reverse showrooming making browsing resourceful to the company. The company participates in events and activities purposely to explore the local market. Through these involvements, over 30% of the customers are regular members while a quarter of them become members while in the store. Regardless of where the customer buys in store, the item is also reflected in the online cart as well. Further, Fabletics offer retail services to their clients.


Fabletics keep their branding integrity by displaying the correct data both physically and in digital form. The company stocks its store based on the preferences of its members, sentiments from social media, real-time sales and store heat-mapping data. Fabletics is also keen in the trends of global fashion and data collected from user preferences.


Lifestyle, customer satisfaction and lifestyle are the three main determinants of success at Fabletics. As the company expands in its operations and scale both quality and pricing remains relatively affordable at Fabletics. The company clearly understands the needs of its consumers and strives to meet their online and offline needs.


With the new type of showrooming, Fabletics launched its collaboration with Demi Lovato. Lovato is a lover of Fabletics products, mostly important she likes what the company stands for and Kate Hudson’s representation. Customers should first undertake Lifestyle quiz to find out the suitable Fabletics gear for them. In close collaboration with Techstyle founders, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Kate is overly committed to make sure quality is always maintained in all athleisure products.