Obsidian Energy Rebrands

Investors in the energy market have endured a very challenging period. Things have changed so much in this area, and the prices of the commodities have gone down significantly. The companies in this sector have only been reporting loses at the end of the year financial reports. The investors have watched as the value of their stocks went down. Nobody knew that this was going to take place. However, commercial experts say that things are getting better as the market gains momentum. The department is looking forward to better returns in the New Year.


Penn West Petroleum Ltd. is considered to be among the top rotated companies in this field. Thanks to the challenges in the energy market, the organization has been having hard times. Despite the numerous profits it used to get several years ago, the company has been going down the drain. The hardships faced by this organization have forced it to make some changes in its activities so that it can attract more investors and at the same time get a new start.


According to the president of the large corporation, Penn West will now be referred to as Obsidian Energy. The president of the firm has proposed a change of name in an investor meeting that was attended by all the stakeholders in the institution. This leader says that the new name will make the company investors forget what happened in the past and move ahead. Financial experts, on the other hand, believe that so much should be done so that the company gets a new start. Read This Article for more information.


Obsidian Energy was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


Obsidian, according to David French, the leader of the company, is a naturally occurring glass. The sheen found in this glass resembles crude oil, and it is famed to have some fantastic features. People who have seen the glass praise it for its longevity, dependability, and strength. While serving consumers using the name Obsidian Energy, French and his team are looking forward to having all the characters shown by the obsidian glass. Obsidian has done so much so that it can retain its former glory. First of all, the organization has been forced to clear its debts so that it can start the year debt free.


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