NewsWatch TV And Reviews: Virtual Flight

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to fly over Washington D.C. without hitting a no fly zone, there is a way to experience it and have a wonderful time. You do not have to worry about breaking any laws because you are going to be doing this in comfort of a building that has technological capabilities to fly over the entire area. It has to do with virtual reality. It is called HoverDC.

If you are wanting to enjoy a different take on flying, HoverDC is the system you want to try. You can get as close to flying freely over Washington D.C. without dealing with any laws or other issues that might have you in trouble trying to do it the real way. Virtual flying offers 4D imagery at the CEB Tower and comes with a rectangular floor that opens up. You do get a pilot that will narrate the entire time you are looking through the bottom of a helicopter image. It requires 12 people standing on the edge to get started. Having an experience like this can be very exciting, and you will want to do it again. This can be an educational way of seeing the city and finding out things you never knew.

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