Meet the Competent CEO of the National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz

The road to success does not have a common route. This is why different successful individuals have different stories. It is only wise for young business persons to keep reading to know the multiple roads to success, to their advantage. It is through the chronicles of various entrepreneurs that we get to know the common mistakes they did and avoid them as well as emulate their good attributes.

Gregory Aziz, the CEO of National Steel Car for two decades now, began his journey by investing in his knowledge. The excellent academic background is crucial to every investor. Greg Aziz attended Ridley College and later decided to boost his education at the University of Western Ontario, where he studied Economics.


In 1971, he already had skills to run a business. He managed the Affiliated Foods, which is his family business and the results were amazing. 16 years later, the company became the leading importer and distributor of fresh foods.


In the 1990s, James Aziz invested in several banking facilities. This was to enable him to buy the National Steel Car that belonged to Dofasco. It was time to put into practice the economic knowledge he had learned. He wanted to make the Canadian Company the leading North America freight car manufacturer.


In 1994, James Aziz finally bought the company from Dofasco. A lot of improvements were required to achieve his goals. He cultivated cooperation and a good communication network between his employees to enhance teamwork. This would ensure all the departments were proactive and avoided delaying each other.

In 1999, the National Steel Car freight car production increased from 3500 freight cars per year to 12000 per year. The 600 employees could not efficiently handle the workload, and thus the company also rose the employee number to 3000. See This Article to learn more.


This was greatly celebrated by the community. The unemployment levels significantly reduced, and the living standards improved. Some occupants got posts as engineers while others worked as janitors. For those who were not absorbed, they set up businesses, which was equally fulfilling given the big market.


The National Steel Car is celebrating 100 years of excellence. The success of the National Steel Car can be attributed to their CEO, Gregory Aziz. It is through following Aziz’s dreams and goals that the company has achieved so much. It is the only freight car company known to work to meet all their client’s demand. Greg Aziz is a humble CEO, and the people of Ontario consider him the most influential businessman.