Investor Jacob Gottlieb is back with a New Investment Company

After years of keeping a low profile, globally recognized healthcare investor Jacob Gottlieb is back and more determined than ever to regain his top healthcare investor position and crown. A title that the successful businessman, reluctantly had to relinquish after his previous company, Visium Asset Management, was flooded with negative publicity and was forced to cease operations in 2015.

After a couple of years to regroup, Jacob Gottlieb adopted a new investment firm, Altium Capital. Altium Capital is already making sufficient waves in the healthcare investment community. Considering the fund newly founded fund has spent much of the latter part of 2018 acquiring and financially backing an exclusive collection of reputable healthcare companies. Jacob Gottlieb says that with the acquisition of these innovative and revolutionary businesses, he hoped to focus a team of industry professionals towards a dire initiative of resolving difficult global health issues.

One of the healthcare company, in particular, attained by Altium Capital being Oragenics.

Oragenics has since expanded their replacement therapy concept to include treatments for not only oral mucositis, but for the adoption of specialized therapies in oral, throat, and esophagus diseases, in addition to resistant bacteria strains, as well.

Well-rooted in its craft, Oragenics was founded in 1996 by two talented physicians, both focused on inventing a new concept for improving replacement therapies. The pair through their due diligence was able to produce an archetypal bacterial treatment regimen. In their partnership with Altium Capital, Oragenics hopes to expand their scientific influence in biomedical engineering and healthcare further. As it stands, each therapy program by Oragenics is designed to substitute damaging bacteria with carefully chosen beneficial bacteria.

With Altium Capital’s financial assistance, Oragenics is expected to create more viable treatment programs in the healthcare sector, that would eventually lead to new technologies being used in the production of antibiotic treatment plans; especially those designed to counteract transmittable diseases.