How Louis Chenevert Took UTC on a Path to Success

Louis Chênevert has done a lot for UTC. This is because of his knowledge as well as experience. He has spent 14 years of his life at General Motors before becoming the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. His education is from the Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales.

The career of Louis Chênevert at UTC started when he joined their Pratt & Whitney business unit. He worked for six years at Pratt & Whitney Canada and became the President of the Pratt & Whitney division in 1999. After spending seven years in this position, he was elected as the President and CEO at UTC.

Louis Chênevert has always believed in using technology for his company and investing in the employees in order to make huge improvements. This has been his driving principle in life. This has helped him to take UTC far.

UTC is known for its illustrious Employee Scholar Program. This is a program that covers the cost of education of those employees who are pursuing further studies in their respective fields. Nearly 40,000 UTC employees have been covered under this program since 1996 all across the globe. The total cost for UTC under this project has been more than $1 billion in the United States itself.

Another admirable quality of Louis Chênevert is that he is able to identify projects with high potential. In this way, he is able to inspire people with his vision. Now he has passed such guiding philosophies to Gregory Hayes, who is the current CEO of UTC. Both of them like to invest a sizable part of their budget to technological innovations that can advance their company. This reflects their vision and mission. They are well aware that the modern companies of today can succeed only through investment in the latest technology.

There is a lot that UTC has achieved. This includes the acquisition of Goodrich, besides the manufacture of another alternate engine for the US Air Force. Hence the Pratt & Whitney unit of UTC became the only supplier of the F-35 engine for the government of the US under Louis Chênevert.