Heather Parry Energizes Live Nation

Heather Parry, president of Live Nation Products, launched her company in December 2015 and galvanized the entertainment industry. Live Nation Products market media and launches films for entertainers such as Lady Gaga. Live Nation’s joint ventures and marketing opportunities excited her and she looks forward to new opportunities with artists.

Heather Parry

Parry’s film team consists of people like Chris Moukarbel and other creative directors. She worked with notable stars like Adam Sandler to refine her sales experience at Live Nation. She continues to make new contacts since she’s launched her career at MTV and Live Nation and they are important for her as she continues to make films.

Parry continues to serve and energize the film industry for entertainers and musicians. She leads a team of filmmakers who create films and documentaries for their clients. Parry’s portfolio of rock stars would attest to her credibility of churning out quality films. Her filmmaking strengths rely on the way she focuses on the individuality of each artist and their fans. She may prefer scripted movies instead of non-scripted films but always remains somewhat of a visionary. Parry has done well by taking the vulnerabilities of major artists and spinning their lives into documentaries. Parry has pride in the work of each artist she works with and will work with her team to create films that showcase the stories of her powerbase.

She built up her list of clientele by working at MTV since she was 22 and promoting music-related films. She would ideally enjoy work with artists like the Beastie Boys, Jay Z, and Beyoncé one day. She may work with Imogen Dragons next and spin their words into creative films for their fans. Parry will continue to work with various artists and she seeks clientele who may tell interesting stories irrespective of cinematography.