End Citizens United And Their Role In Conor Lamb’s Recent Win

End Citizens United is all about putting an end to a 2010 Supreme Court Ruling. The case was Citizens United vs F.E.C., and the ruling enables rich corporations to donate incredible amounts of money to politicians. The ruling inched America even closer to being ran by companies rather than elected officials.

End Citizens United campaigns against any politician that accepts big money from big corporations; they support politicians who refuse to accept large amounts of money from rich companies.

End Citizens United was created in early 2015 as a PAC or Political Action Committee. The organization is funded by grassroots donors, proving that grassroots organizations aren’t dead. End Citizens United is made up of ordinary people that want to bring the political power back to the individuals and take it away from corporations.

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Recently, Democrat Hiral Tipirneni gained the support of End Citizens United. Hiral Tipirneni is running for a special congressional election in Arizona. Tipirneni’s opponent is campaigning as an ally for big corporations.

“It is rather apparent that Washington is broken, and stopping the stream of secret money is a huge step in the right direction,” Tipirneni said as she echoed the sentiments of End Citizens United. Tipireneni promised to fight for citizens and not corporate interest.

End Citizens United’s donors raised 600,000 dollars against the campaign of Roy Moore in the recent Alabama special election. They also assisted Conor Lamb in winning an election in Pennsylvania recently.

End Citizens United payed for a huge ad campaign on behalf of Conor Lamb. The PAC spent 250,000 dollars to ensure Conor Lamb was the one to represent the 18th District in Pennsylvania. The ad campaign consisted of television commercial and digital online ads that educated the public about the wrongdoings of the Republican candidate of the 18th district. They also produced ads that made sure residents knew that Conor Lamb was not accepting donations from corporations.