Dj Alex Pall’s Career With The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have released Billboard top tracks like Closer and Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. They have recently worked with the talented songstress Halsey. These hits The Chainsmokers create are catchy and have taken the world by storm. But mostly, these hits solidify how influential The Chainsmokers are to today’s music scene.

The band comprised of two very talented djs Alex and Drew have not always been making hit radio bangers. Just a few years ago, they were humble, hard working dreams looking to do what many people living in New York City are trying to do. The two young stars in the making were dreaming big and working harder, which has caused them to evolve into the successful dance music band they are currently.

Most artists merely sing on their own song. But not these two djs. They do more than just pronounce words into a microphone. They work with every part of the creative part of making their music. They are heavily involved in the small intricate details of creating a hit song. Producing music comes naturally to these twos.

Personalization has been a key factor in making their music stand out from the masses. Their ambitious mindsets have caused them to be viewed as true artists. All of their feelings and thoughts bleed into the passion of the music they create. This passion is real and can be felt by the millions of people who listen to their music.

They have goals for their music. They work every single day to reveal more of themselves in their music. They want their fans to feel a close connection to them, which is not something dj’s do to often. Intimacy is important to Alex and Drew. They do not want their fans to fill a void of emotion when listening to their songs. The Chainsmokers have worked for so long to create an authentic identity with fans. Their identity is special and unique and relatable. As for the group’s future, they will continue to establish who they are and create hitmaking dance music for all people to enjoy.