Digital Marketing Expert Steve Lesnard Shares Two Key Concepts For Effective Advertising

Steve Lesnard is a product marketing expert who has been in the sports and advertising industries for many years. He says that the advance of the internet and social websites has dramatically changed how digital marketing is done. Ad campaigns about new products need to be leveraged properly, though, or else the result will be counterproductive.

The right marketing approach will introduce a product to people in a way that clearly highlights its benefits people and will add real value. He has two key principles to digitally marketing something successfully. The first of these it that simple things are more memorable.

He refers to Walt Disney’s quote which was “get the storyline straight”. Steve Lesnard says that the ad needs to easily convey what’s new and better about the product. This is in no way easy and means having the advertising team work really hard to focus on how best to explain innovative and relevant features in a simple manner.

He brings up Apple’s iPod marketing slogan, “10k songs in your pocket”. This instantly conveyed what was revolutionary about this product in just five words. You can have a huge amount of songs on you wherever you are. Apple still keeps its marketing very simple which makes it hugely effective.

His second key principle is “bring it to life to make it real”. Steve Lesnard says that you want to show people what their experience will be using your product. You should show people what it will look like on them and what exactly it does. Let people know how they will use your product. If you can present these ideas in a way that cuts through the endless marketing clutter you have a winning ad campaign on your hands.

He says that video can be used to place your product in the right context. Show its best features in the video and what is so exciting about it that people will want to buy it. He brings up Yeti as an example who were able to position their coolers as premium products as a great example of how to do things right.