Come On You Unicorns! The Bold and Daring Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere

The Russian born, Doe Deere, is considered the “Unicorn Queen” in the beauty industry due to her striking luminous colors. She is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, an online beauty brands venture that deals with makeup. She also works as the CEO of the L.A California based firm. Deere was among the pioneer women entrepreneurs to spring an online makeup firm in 2008, utilizing cruelty-free and boldly colorful cosmetics that are vegan and certified. She was raised up in the city of New York where she also went to school and majored in fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Deere stumbled upon cosmetics when working as a fashion designer and maker of her own independent online clothing line. After encountering challenges with matching bright colored makeup with her outfits, the idea of establishing a bright colored makeup popped up. She was always fascinated by fairy tales and makeup from a young age, so when this chance came, Doe Deere was convinced of a cruelty-free makeup brand that is fun and imaginative for all to wear.


She says that they use a unicorn as Lime Crime’s mascot to signify individuality, uncommon beauty, and tender affection towards all animals. Moreover, the purple color of the brands shows creativity. The firm produces products such as nail polish, loose pigments, primers, eye-shadow palettes, “criminally coveted” lipsticks and glittery lip gloss, rainbow-colored liquid liners, and fine brushes.


Doe Deere is a hardworking entrepreneur who is daring and bold as signified by his choice of bright. She ventured first in online clothing designs in 2004, making a steady income on eBay and later launched Lime Crime in 2008. She tried her luck in fashion design but was not convinced about it as a career until she fell in love with makeup.


She used online makeup demonstration and explanation sessions to promote Lime Crime creating a publicity platform that made her the success she is today. To market her brand, she has a blog that majors in showing makeup tutorials, including fun ways of using Lime Crime products. There were even online contests and makeup giveaways which resulted in a substantial fan base.


To come up with new business ideas, Doe Deere advocates for being attentive to feedback one gets in all the available platforms. She says criticism can be molded into a tool for brand growth and development. Deere observes that people talk about what they want, and it is vital to respond accordingly whether on social media or advisement campaigns. She believes that people should air their concerns about areas they care about, and for her, it is about female entrepreneurship as she expressed on Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo.


She believes business for her is making people happy as in the case of her unique fantasy twist in her vegan-cosmetics. She is glad that her business has allowed her to make charitable contributions to children, animal-rescue operations, and women. Currently, they have supported Sanctuary For Families, the Red Cross, Adopt NY, Girls Inc., the Bideawee animal shelter, and HOLA for kids in LA. With the current full-digital generation Z, Doe Deere is inspired to come up with more mythical and fantasy things to enlarge her “Unicorns” philosophy.


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