Bruno Fagali: The Brazilian Attorney To New / Sb

The Brazilian economy has been seeing some extremely positive developments owing to the numerous new policies that the government has been putting into place. For international companies, investing in Brazil has become easier than before. For those who are starting up businesses from within the country, subsidiaries are provided to make the journey a lot easier.

Whether local or international, the need for corporate lawyers is always something that every company has. Finding a good corporate lawyer is one of the biggest boons to an organization, and having one that knows the law inside out is one of the best things that a company can ask for.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a lawyer who is best known for his ability to work with corporates. He is extremely proficient in the legal sector, which is something that has helped him rise so high up in the field. He believes in working hard, which is why he has reached the high up position in his company today. Bruno Fagali has an incredible amount of experience in the field, which is also one of the main factors that have got him to this status.

Through the course of his career, he has worked with a variety of different clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. One of the main areas that Bruno Fagali specializes in is the field of corporate litigation and compliance.

Currently, Bruno Fagali works at an advertising agency known as ‘new / sb,’ which is one of the hugely popular ad firms in the country. He is the primary legal counsel at the business and handles all the legal work that the company has.

Bruno Fagali has an excellent educational background, which is one the things that have supplemented his growth and rise in the field. He graduated with a Degree in Administrative and Public Law when he was in college, and went on to attain a masters from the University of Sao Paulo in State Law.

One of the main areas of study that Bruno Fagali invested into was Corporate Anti Corruption, which has helped him significantly in his career.

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