Betsy Devos – on topic article

Betsy Devos is one of Washington’s newer faces.


Because of this, no one yet knows much about her.


It is known that she was born in 1958, grew up in a wealthy family, and married a wealthy man.


In fact, it seems that more is known about her husband, Dick – whose family co-founded the multi-level marketing company, Amway, and earned billions – than what is known about Betsy.


Betsy is making a name for herself in Washington, however.


Currently, she isn’t everyone’s favorite.


As Donald Trump’s education secretary, Devos has made some remarks that not everyone is fond of.


For example, the answer she gave to a question concerning whether or not teachers should be allowed to bear arms in public schools was met with ridicule.


Devos’ reply was that the staff probably carried guns simply to protect against grizzly bears.


Although Devos may have had a smile on her face when she uttered these words, her statement was not taken seriously nor was it taken lightly, as she intended for it to be.


Devos began getting mocked by both the media and late night comedy shows for that remark.


Friends and family members, however, say that the statement was simply meant to be a joke.


Devos ignored all talk of her statement until she attended a meeting at the Education Department where she began joking again and described her meeting as “a bit of a bear.”


As Trump’s education secretary, Devos is heavily involved in the United States’ academic world, even doing things on the side to help students.


She and her husband, Dick, are both billionaires and enjoy spreading their wealth, even making more vouchers available to students who are interested in attending schools that are not public.


Aside from saying that guns can protect against grizzly bears, Devos has said and done other controversial things. One example would be when she backed Trump’s decision to repeal Obama’s federal bathroom policy.


This policy allowed transgenders to choose which gender-specific bathroom they wanted to enter.


Having a very religious upbringing and worldview, Devos never seemed to disagree with Trump on this decision.


She said in a public statement to the Conservative Political Action Conference that the bathroom policy was an overreach by the Obama administration.


One thing’s for certain when it comes to Betsy Devos: she says what she feels and does what she wants.


Allies, friends, and hometown associates describe her as someone who always gets what she wants even if she has to pay someone off.


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