Ara Chackerian: Dealing with Mental Health Stigma

Ara Chackerian is an executive who enjoys numerous titles in the corporate world. His accomplishments in healthcare, philanthropy and environmental causes have made him a respected personality in the world. The healthcare startups he has helped to fund are doing so well, helping millions of people who are struggling with various medical conditions. The investor has also written publications about mental health in the society. By creating awareness about mental conditions, Ara Chackerian believes that more people will be saved.

In a recent publication, the American investor speaks about the stigma that is associated with mental health. A recent medical study revealed that there were more than one hundred cases of suicide every day. Despite this alarming number of deaths in the community, people have kept quiet about mental issues. Most of the people, according to Ara Chackerian, are not comfortable when speaking about this question. When the death of an individual who has committed suicide is being announced, the cause of it is never mentioned. In the recent year, however, top celebrities have committed suicide, and finally, the world is starting to discuss this issue that has claimed so many lives for a long time.

In America, there are forty-five thousand personalities who killed themselves so that they can find peace. The staggering statistics means that suicide should never be treated to be a secret. According to Ara Chackerian, the misunderstanding and fear that comes with mental health should be dealt with before more people end up taking this wrong path. More medical facilities specializing in mental care should be set up online and offline so that people can access help. The cost of this service should not be too high, because it will discourage people from getting the care they desire so that they can enjoy life. Ara Chackerian has done his part to support various health centers which specialize in mental care.