Alex Pall Hits the Headlines after Showcasing His Neatly Decked Home

In October 2018, Alex Pall, a renowned artist in New York’s music industry hit Wall Street Journal’s headlines after showcasing his professionally decked home in Hollywood Hills. The home’s decor was done by Peti Lau, a traditional interior and exterior designer based in New York.

Critics describe Pall’s house as a mélange of archetypal architectural designs adopted from the great aristocratic and bohemian signature decors. The living space incarnates international and local ornamental influences.

Before inviting the contribution of an expert, the mid-20th century 3,600 square feet bungalow featured slate floors and stone fireplaces. Alex Pall says that the house’s ancient design charmed him, but he wished to customize its interior and exterior to his liking. Pall has an inclined passion for art.

Why did Alex Pall select Peti Lau for the task? Peti Lau is a seasoned home décor expert with solid experience in interior and exterior design. Ms. Lau has transformed hundreds of residential and hospitality facilities based in San Francisco and Thailand.

What Makes Alex Pall’s House Different from the Ordinary Ones?

The house’s family room features a countryside-themed wallpaper, an ordinary fiber coffee table, an antique Turkish rag, and an orange velvet seat. The amalgams of orange, blue, and green colors give the room a gorgeous jungle theme.

The house’s bedroom is a peculiar chamber. Its ceiling is shielded in the faux tin while its walls are plastered to imitate the ancient age European décors. The décor expert left the bedroom to maintain its original slate floor.

Ms. Lau decided to give the dining room special attention than any other space in Alex Pall’s house. The professional designer used Kelly Wearstler’s wallpaper, and a rag with structured shapes to design the dining space’s wall and floor.

Besides the wallpaper and the rag, Ms. Lau used vermillion furniture, a chandelier, a multi-colored neon light box, and a farm table to give the room a warm feeling.

The bathroom maintained its novel Hollywood Regency décor. However, Ms. Lau repainted the ceiling to match with the floor’s ceramic tiles. Moreover, she used Venetian plaster to highlight the wall’s original guises.