Acquires College Savings

NexBank is an American bank that is aiming at making the lives of its customers better. The organization is not new in the American market. The company has always been recognized by its customers because of its high-quality services. The bank has been surviving the tough financial times because of its able leaders who understand the needs of its customers so well. The company has been helping its customers to accomplish so many projects in the recent times. Most of the beneficiaries from the bank are the people who come from low-income families in the country.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is very popular in the American market. The non-profit making mortgage servicing company has been changing the lives of the residents by helping them to acquire new homes in the most affordable ways. The Dallas based organization has now partnered with the prestigious Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity so that it can accomplish its mission in the region. The two companies have been offering a brand new program that will assist people to acquire homes in the most convenient way. The two institution has announced that they will be giving loans to more than one hundred people for more than five years so that the people who have low incomes can enjoy having new homes. NexBank will have a special role to play in this program. The company will be offering more than fifty million dollars to support the special program.

Nexbank has been very fortunate in the recent times. Despite the numerous hardships many people have dealt with in the tough financial times, the organization has been doing well. This has been proven by the numerous acquisitions by the American firm. Just recently, the company announced that they had purchased an institution known as College Savings. The New Jersey based company is already popular in the market, and this is why the management felt that they were not going to change the name after the acquisition. Nexbank management will take over the company, but the name College Savings will not change so that customers continue to use the services from the firm.