Betsy Devos – on topic article

Betsy Devos is one of Washington’s newer faces.


Because of this, no one yet knows much about her.


It is known that she was born in 1958, grew up in a wealthy family, and married a wealthy man.


In fact, it seems that more is known about her husband, Dick – whose family co-founded the multi-level marketing company, Amway, and earned billions – than what is known about Betsy.


Betsy is making a name for herself in Washington, however.


Currently, she isn’t everyone’s favorite.


As Donald Trump’s education secretary, Devos has made some remarks that not everyone is fond of.


For example, the answer she gave to a question concerning whether or not teachers should be allowed to bear arms in public schools was met with ridicule.


Devos’ reply was that the staff probably carried guns simply to protect against grizzly bears.


Although Devos may have had a smile on her face when she uttered these words, her statement was not taken seriously nor was it taken lightly, as she intended for it to be.


Devos began getting mocked by both the media and late night comedy shows for that remark.


Friends and family members, however, say that the statement was simply meant to be a joke.


Devos ignored all talk of her statement until she attended a meeting at the Education Department where she began joking again and described her meeting as “a bit of a bear.”


As Trump’s education secretary, Devos is heavily involved in the United States’ academic world, even doing things on the side to help students.


She and her husband, Dick, are both billionaires and enjoy spreading their wealth, even making more vouchers available to students who are interested in attending schools that are not public.


Aside from saying that guns can protect against grizzly bears, Devos has said and done other controversial things. One example would be when she backed Trump’s decision to repeal Obama’s federal bathroom policy.


This policy allowed transgenders to choose which gender-specific bathroom they wanted to enter.


Having a very religious upbringing and worldview, Devos never seemed to disagree with Trump on this decision.


She said in a public statement to the Conservative Political Action Conference that the bathroom policy was an overreach by the Obama administration.


One thing’s for certain when it comes to Betsy Devos: she says what she feels and does what she wants.


Allies, friends, and hometown associates describe her as someone who always gets what she wants even if she has to pay someone off.


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The Philanthropic Activities and Business Career of Dick DeVos

During his lifetime, Dick DeVos has been one of the most charitable individuals in the United States. He and his wife have contributed approximately $139 million to various charitable causes. With this total amount given to philanthropic causes, Dick has been able to establish himself as a prominent contributor to his community. Many media sources have recognized Dick DeVos as one of the very top philanthropists around. When it comes to making contributions to charitable causes, Dick often provides funding for things such as education, arts and culture, business development, healthcare and traditional values. With his charitable contributions, Dick has been a major contributor to improving the lives of many people and organizations in the community.


In 2015, Dick DeVos was among the most active individuals in philanthropy. In fact he provided among the most amount of money for various causes. Dick donated $11.6 million to charitable causes such as the arts, education and healthcare. The funds that DeVos donates help provide a number of benefits to various individuals and organizations. The funds are used to help finance the professional development of managers of arts organizations, health research and also the promotion of conservative values. He has provided funding for scholarships and also school vouchers. With this funding, DeVos has been able to regularly make a positive impact in a number of different ways.


The two main things that DeVos provides charitable funds to is education and the arts. In fact a majority of his charitable contributions were made towards educational causes. Over the years, DeVos has stressed that the educational system does not provide students with enough opportunities to achieve the American Dream. He thinks that it is in the best interest of both parents and students to have a choice of where they attend school. By being able to choose the school they want to attend, students and parents will be more likely to get a more fulfilling and better quality educational experience. Dick has also used funds to help finance school vouchers which provide funds for parents to use in order to pay for private school.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos who was the co founder of Amway Corporation. This company is among the top direct selling companies in the world. It distributes various household and consumer products through its independent distributors. When Dick first began his career, he worked at the company at various positions. This allowed him to get practical experience in many aspects of the company. After a number of years, he was appointed as the manager of the Orlando Magic National Basketball Association team. He was able to help make the team one of the most competitive in the league. In 1993, Dick went back to work for Amway and would become its president. At this position he was able to help expand the company and allow it to improve upon its profitability. He would go on to manage his private company Windquest Group.


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Psi Pay Comes To Market

The technology used in day-to-day transactions continues to create innovative solutions for problems that we may not have even known to exist. The company based in Europe has developed a new contactless payment ring that you will be able to wear on your body that can keep track of all of the financial information. The company is PSI-Pay. The originally founded with the intention of creating a specialized customer-oriented solution market for prepaid debit and credit card services. In 2006 they partnered with Kerv Wearables another technology company in order to bring the contactless MasterCard payment ring to market.

The intention behind these new wearable payments technologies is that you will never have a need to carry a wallet around anymore. You will no longer have to authenticate or validate transactions by either using a pin number or by giving your signature, and your banking information will be able to travel with you.

There has been a slow shift to this as more and more people are carrying less cash in their wallets. Already in recent years, most individuals have been using debit or credit cards instead of paper money. Many individuals believe vent paper money is a thing of the past. One of the best advances that are offered by the new technology is that it is much more secure and you will be much less likely to be a victim of fraud or identity theft.

As of right now anywhere in the world that accepts the MasterCard will also accept payment from the contactless payment ring that has been created by Kerv Wearables. This means that there are already over 38 million locations around the world that accept transactions from the new technology. It is regulated by the federal communications administration regulations to give consumers an additional layer of protection. You’re able to add funds from various sources such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and even the bank. The technology is both easy-to-use and versatile in its applications. There is hope that in the future will be able to live in a world where the advances in technologies such as this will allow us to live a much more simple life.

Bob Reina: He Won’t Disappoint You

Bob Reina has always made it a point to never disappoint the people. It is something that really matters to him and something that is really important to him. He knows he is only as good as his word, which is why he goes out of his way to make sure he delivers on his word, each and every time. He knows a lot of eyes are looking at him and a lot of people are depending on him. For Bob Reina, that is something that goes a long way in his life. He wants people to enjoy using Talk Fusion and know exactly what they are getting when they sign up for it.


That is important to him and that matters to him. Without it, he is not Bob Reina. This is a company he founded and created back in 2007. When he started the company, he had a clear vision and a clear idea for the company: allow people to have their dreams come true. Throughout all of this, that has not changed and it never will change. As a matter of fact, it is only going to grow with time. The goals are going to grow because Bob Reina knows what the people need today and he intends on giving it to them. Bob Reina wants people to know they can trust him and count on him.


For a lot of people, they have been let down by others in life. It has happened far too often and they are sick of it. They can’t take it anymore. Too many people have lied to them, misled them, and given them false information. They start to lose faith in humanity and they lose faith in people.


Bob Reina is here to restore faith in people and restore faith in the fact there is goodness out there. It does exist and it is for real. They just had a little trouble finding it. When they find Bob Reina, they will see he is a man of his word and they don’t have a single thing to worry about with him. Learn more:

Forex Insights: A Review of AvaTrade

When talking about Forex trading there are a couple of names that come to mind. AvaTrade is a major one. This review of AvaTrade should serve as a good companion for anyone looking to get into league with AvaTrade and Forex trading as a whole.


AvaTrade review has a reputation, a big one. AvaTrade has tons of offices all located in major cities around the world. New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Milan are all names on this list. Of course, with a major trading company like AvaTrade, there needs to be regulation. The Central Bank of Ireland, MiFID in the European Union, ASIC in Australia and FSC in Japan, are all places that hold regulation on AvaTrade. Of course, regulation isn’t the only safety net that AvaTrade offers; AvaTrade holds client funds in segregated accounts which is a nice additional security measure.


What types of betting does AvaTrade offer? Pretty much everything you can think of. They offer fixed and variable as well as spreads and floating trades. For spreads – which is tax-free – you must be located in the UK or Ireland. AvaTrade has over 2 million users, and with such a massive client-base they offer their user-friendly website in many languages, including, but not limited to: Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese.


There are, as usual, bonuses for signing up. $40 on a $200 deposit all the way up to $10,000 on a $50,000 are the bonuses that AvaTrade offers. It isn’t just bonuses that AvaTrade uses to help new users enter the Forex market, eBooks such as “Forex Trading Strategies” and live market news to help their newbies with Forex trading.


Speaking of the live market news, the market news isn’t the only useful tool integrated into their websites back-end. Tools like tailored education, economic calendars (which show useful economic events that are due to happen daily), and “Sharp Traders” (a tool that gives users insight into what some of the leading professional Forex traders are doing daily) are all tools that AvaTrade offers to its clients.


So, if you are thinking about entering Forex trading and are looking for a trading business in Forex, AvaTrade is probably the best out there. Which isn’t surprising given their long-standing reputation.

Come On You Unicorns! The Bold and Daring Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere

The Russian born, Doe Deere, is considered the “Unicorn Queen” in the beauty industry due to her striking luminous colors. She is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, an online beauty brands venture that deals with makeup. She also works as the CEO of the L.A California based firm. Deere was among the pioneer women entrepreneurs to spring an online makeup firm in 2008, utilizing cruelty-free and boldly colorful cosmetics that are vegan and certified. She was raised up in the city of New York where she also went to school and majored in fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Deere stumbled upon cosmetics when working as a fashion designer and maker of her own independent online clothing line. After encountering challenges with matching bright colored makeup with her outfits, the idea of establishing a bright colored makeup popped up. She was always fascinated by fairy tales and makeup from a young age, so when this chance came, Doe Deere was convinced of a cruelty-free makeup brand that is fun and imaginative for all to wear.


She says that they use a unicorn as Lime Crime’s mascot to signify individuality, uncommon beauty, and tender affection towards all animals. Moreover, the purple color of the brands shows creativity. The firm produces products such as nail polish, loose pigments, primers, eye-shadow palettes, “criminally coveted” lipsticks and glittery lip gloss, rainbow-colored liquid liners, and fine brushes.


Doe Deere is a hardworking entrepreneur who is daring and bold as signified by his choice of bright. She ventured first in online clothing designs in 2004, making a steady income on eBay and later launched Lime Crime in 2008. She tried her luck in fashion design but was not convinced about it as a career until she fell in love with makeup.


She used online makeup demonstration and explanation sessions to promote Lime Crime creating a publicity platform that made her the success she is today. To market her brand, she has a blog that majors in showing makeup tutorials, including fun ways of using Lime Crime products. There were even online contests and makeup giveaways which resulted in a substantial fan base.


To come up with new business ideas, Doe Deere advocates for being attentive to feedback one gets in all the available platforms. She says criticism can be molded into a tool for brand growth and development. Deere observes that people talk about what they want, and it is vital to respond accordingly whether on social media or advisement campaigns. She believes that people should air their concerns about areas they care about, and for her, it is about female entrepreneurship as she expressed on Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo.


She believes business for her is making people happy as in the case of her unique fantasy twist in her vegan-cosmetics. She is glad that her business has allowed her to make charitable contributions to children, animal-rescue operations, and women. Currently, they have supported Sanctuary For Families, the Red Cross, Adopt NY, Girls Inc., the Bideawee animal shelter, and HOLA for kids in LA. With the current full-digital generation Z, Doe Deere is inspired to come up with more mythical and fantasy things to enlarge her “Unicorns” philosophy.


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Comprehensive Party Planning Tips

Event planners have to devise a system for successfully throwing a great party. Usually, a plan must be enacted that has several steps covering the planning, the party itself and the party’s ending. This is a standard used by every event planning company in NYC. It works for both formal and informal gatherings.


Party Planning Primer


  1. Start the planning early, so that everything gets remembered and completed for your party. When everything is prepared in a timely manner, you, the host are more relaxed and better able to enjoy the event. Plus, you have plenty of time to get ready for the affair and you looked relaxed when your guests arrive.


  1. Start planning early. Create a party checklist.


  1. Stay organized. Mark off everything you complete. Keep track of your guest’s food dislikes and allergies. Keep track of contact information for your guests and their RSVPs.


  1. Throw a party with a unique theme. It makes the festivities more interesting when it’s centered on a Mardi Gras, Great Gatsby, St. Patrick’s Day or a Beatles theme. It makes the decorating fun and gimmicky so the guests can be drawn into the fun using drinks that are reminiscent of the theme, like the grasshopper or a mojito or other green drinks for St. Patty’s Day and the Vieux Carré Cocktail for Mardi Gras parties.


  1. Allow your guests to be their own mixologists with a self-serve bar set up to include several different liquors along with a few choices of festive mixers. Be creative with decanters and glasses to create a pleasant looking table. Serve your guests the moment they walk in the door with a party themed drink. They will immediately feel a part of the festivities.


  1. Make that first drink a special concoction with a glass or garnishes that reflect the theme such as four leaf clover favors dropped into the drink or sitting on the lip of the glass.


  1. Keep it simple with food. Don’t do a sit down dinner; instead serve hors d’oeuvres that can be made from prepared foods, like toasted pita wedges, special cheeses, hummus and other prepared dips.


  1. Set up a kids table that encourages the kids to be creative. A table with craft paper cover and crayons or coloring pencils will engage the children. Add donuts or cupcakes and they will be happy.


  1. Keep place settings simple if you do decide to serve a meal. Incorporate the theme in a simple manner, using it to create place settings, napkins and silver ware holders.


  1. Stay relaxed. Your comfort level will be picked up by your guests. At the end of the party, send your guests home with a party themed favor.



End Citizens United And Their Role In Conor Lamb’s Recent Win

End Citizens United is all about putting an end to a 2010 Supreme Court Ruling. The case was Citizens United vs F.E.C., and the ruling enables rich corporations to donate incredible amounts of money to politicians. The ruling inched America even closer to being ran by companies rather than elected officials.

End Citizens United campaigns against any politician that accepts big money from big corporations; they support politicians who refuse to accept large amounts of money from rich companies.

End Citizens United was created in early 2015 as a PAC or Political Action Committee. The organization is funded by grassroots donors, proving that grassroots organizations aren’t dead. End Citizens United is made up of ordinary people that want to bring the political power back to the individuals and take it away from corporations.

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Recently, Democrat Hiral Tipirneni gained the support of End Citizens United. Hiral Tipirneni is running for a special congressional election in Arizona. Tipirneni’s opponent is campaigning as an ally for big corporations.

“It is rather apparent that Washington is broken, and stopping the stream of secret money is a huge step in the right direction,” Tipirneni said as she echoed the sentiments of End Citizens United. Tipireneni promised to fight for citizens and not corporate interest.

End Citizens United’s donors raised 600,000 dollars against the campaign of Roy Moore in the recent Alabama special election. They also assisted Conor Lamb in winning an election in Pennsylvania recently.

End Citizens United payed for a huge ad campaign on behalf of Conor Lamb. The PAC spent 250,000 dollars to ensure Conor Lamb was the one to represent the 18th District in Pennsylvania. The ad campaign consisted of television commercial and digital online ads that educated the public about the wrongdoings of the Republican candidate of the 18th district. They also produced ads that made sure residents knew that Conor Lamb was not accepting donations from corporations.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Bank CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had an incredibly long career in an impressive impact on the economy of the Brazilian nation. He has just recently announced that a successor would take his place as the chief executive officer for the Brazilian baking giant Bradesco bank. The successor will take his place when he formally steps down from his position as the company’s president later this year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced that Octavio Lazari would be the individual that would assume the role of president for Bradesco bank upon his exit.

Octavio Lazari is currently one of the banks vice presidents and will now be tested to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco in charge of the institution. This has been backed by a formal process of succession and has been selected by an appointment committee. The personal merits of Octavio Lazari have been organized by his colleagues, and he deserves all of the distinction that he has been laden with. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to serve as Bradesco bank’s president until his current term is fulfilled. The first board meeting will be held on 12 March.

When asked as to the timetable of events that would occur Luiz Carlos Trabuco the client to comment. It is expected that he will continue to serve until a formal announcement is made at which point he will step down from his role as president. Upon leaving the company, Octavio Lazari will assume the role of leadership as president of Brazil’s second-largest private bank. He will assume this role during a period of time in the Brazilian economy that is significantly stressful. As the Brazilian economy is experiencing one of the worst financial crisis is in its history.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco is well known around the world as one of the most influential Brazilians. He was originally born on October 6 of 1951. Over his career, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades. Some of these include his position as the entrepreneur of the year during the year of 2015. Also in the year of 2009, he was recognized as one of the most influential Brazilians of the country and additionally in 2016 he was listed among the best chief executive officers for the nation by the American magazine Forbes.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a long and storied career beginning his work in the baking industry as an entry-level employee. At the age of 17, he began to work for Bradesco bank as a clerk. He continued to work for Bradesco bank over a period of 15 years going through numerous job assignments. At the end of the seven years, he was assigned to a position of marketing director for the Corporation. As a marketing director for the Corporation, he was able to modernize the banking’s relationship with the media. He continued to serve as marketing director for the company for a period of eight years, and then in 1992, he became the chief executive officer of a division of the company that was focused on private pensions where he continued to serve until 1998.


Samuel Strauch, South Florida, and Metrik Real Estate

     Located in Miami Florida, Metrik Real Estate is a successful real estate firm with Samuel Strauch as the key principal. With having such success, proper education and the right preparation was an essential part of Samuel Strauch real estate growth process. With undergraduate degrees from Hofstra University in New York, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and Harvard University he started his career in banking. However, after some time Samuel Strauch decided to join the family business in real estate.

In 2002 Samuel Strauch decided to start his own real estate company that provides a successful platform of equity sourcing, brokerage management and financial development. Samuel Strauch keys to his successful real estate business is always making a strong effort to meeting new people. The network of these relationships establish strong friendships which sets his firm apart from the rest.

As part of a positive work environment Samuel Strauch recommends that all of his employees consistently remind themselves of things that they are grateful for in life. To be specific listing three is ideal. Also, setting daily goals and specific intentions while having an open mind are some of the habits implemented daily.

Apart from starting a successful real estate firm in Miami Florida Samuel Strauch is an active investor in several businesses. He has a passion and love for photography and unique art. As a top rated real estate professional in the Miami-Dade county Samuel Strauch has completed several traction’s in several areas including Aventura and Miami Beach and states technological advancements as a key strategy in making Metrik Real Estate a success.