Robert Deignan’s Career In Sports And Technology

Robert Deignan went to the St. Thomas Aquinas High School between the years 1988 and the year 1992. He later joined the University of Purdue where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in the year 1995. Three years after completing his studies, Robert Deignan dabbled in sports for a while. This was after an active participation in football while in college and high school as well. He played for the Miami Dolphins then later played for the New York Jets before stepping back from the football scene for a while.

Robert Deignan decided to start his own business venture which he co-established and named Fanlink Corporation in the year 1998. For more than two years, he worked in the firm that was located in Fort Lauderdale Florida as a principle until mid-2001. He then moved to the Boynton Beach area of Florida in the month of June in the year 2002, when he got hired by IS2 Corporation. For more than nine years, he worked in the company as the executive vice president until the year 2011 when he left to start his own business which he still runs up to date.

Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Services LLC

Robert Deignan launched the company ATS Digital Services LLC in the year 2011. ATS Digital Services Company is a digital support company that serves global clients by helping them with their technological issues or concerns. Such issues may include troubleshooting problems or even issues with connectivity. The company is able to detect and solve a variety of issues within the shortest period of time. The idea of the company came to him when he was working at his previous job where he had many issues with the company’s software as well as other technical issues. So he and his partner decided to come up with a solution hence the company.

Despite his focus on the daily running of his digital solutions company, Robert Deignan still plays an active role in the sports industry. Being that a sport is his first love, Robert Deignan currently takes part in offshore fishing tournaments. It may not be like playing football but to him, it’s the adrenaline that comes with the activity that counts.

Doe Deere Sells Lime Crime To Tengram

Lime Crime founder and former CEO Doe Deere just cashed in all her chips. The creator of one of the most controversial brands on the planet recently sold her company.

Deere recently made a post on Instagram about the shocking news —

The cat’s out of the bag,” Deere wrote on Instagram yesterday.

“@limecrimemakeup has officially joined the Tengram family!”

After a few bumpy months, Deere made the decision to sell the company to private equity firm Tengram. Former Fresh General Manager Stacey Panagakis was chosen as the new CEO. The goal is to help the company expand and triple previous sales.

Deere issued a statement confirming that she and her husband Mark Dumbleton will remain in advisory roles.

“As founders of the company, it is our job to make sure the values of the company remain intact.”

Deere also stated she will still have the same media presence as before. “What I am doing is in the best interest of Lime Crime an my devoted fans. We owe our success to them,” said Deere.

For many years, Lime Crime took the makeup industry by storm with pioneering trends such as Unicorn lipstick shades and Unicorn hair. Once the brand was introduced in 2008, it didn’t take long to pick up steam. Lime Crime now has customers all over the world.

Deere says she has full confidence in Tengram and what they bring to Lime Crime. The company will fit in great with Tengram’s already extensive portfolio that includes Algenist and Revive.

Deere says the deal also gives her time off to be a mom. She recently gave birth to a daughter earlier this year. Deere is also working on a new jewelry line Poppy Angeloff. The line will include rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins, and other specialty items.

Alex Pall Hits the Headlines after Showcasing His Neatly Decked Home

In October 2018, Alex Pall, a renowned artist in New York’s music industry hit Wall Street Journal’s headlines after showcasing his professionally decked home in Hollywood Hills. The home’s decor was done by Peti Lau, a traditional interior and exterior designer based in New York.

Critics describe Pall’s house as a mélange of archetypal architectural designs adopted from the great aristocratic and bohemian signature decors. The living space incarnates international and local ornamental influences.

Before inviting the contribution of an expert, the mid-20th century 3,600 square feet bungalow featured slate floors and stone fireplaces. Alex Pall says that the house’s ancient design charmed him, but he wished to customize its interior and exterior to his liking. Pall has an inclined passion for art.

Why did Alex Pall select Peti Lau for the task? Peti Lau is a seasoned home décor expert with solid experience in interior and exterior design. Ms. Lau has transformed hundreds of residential and hospitality facilities based in San Francisco and Thailand.

What Makes Alex Pall’s House Different from the Ordinary Ones?

The house’s family room features a countryside-themed wallpaper, an ordinary fiber coffee table, an antique Turkish rag, and an orange velvet seat. The amalgams of orange, blue, and green colors give the room a gorgeous jungle theme.

The house’s bedroom is a peculiar chamber. Its ceiling is shielded in the faux tin while its walls are plastered to imitate the ancient age European décors. The décor expert left the bedroom to maintain its original slate floor.

Ms. Lau decided to give the dining room special attention than any other space in Alex Pall’s house. The professional designer used Kelly Wearstler’s wallpaper, and a rag with structured shapes to design the dining space’s wall and floor.

Besides the wallpaper and the rag, Ms. Lau used vermillion furniture, a chandelier, a multi-colored neon light box, and a farm table to give the room a warm feeling.

The bathroom maintained its novel Hollywood Regency décor. However, Ms. Lau repainted the ceiling to match with the floor’s ceramic tiles. Moreover, she used Venetian plaster to highlight the wall’s original guises.

Rocketship Education’s Response to Biased Media

Rocketship Education is a public elementary school that provides education to students from low-income families who have limited access to excellent schools. The institution was established in 2006 with the primary goal of eliminating the achievement gap among students from low-income families. The institution is using a blend of adaptive technology, traditional instruction, and targeted tutoring to meet various needs of all its students. The institution believes that a transformative school does more than just educating students.

Rocketship Education is experiencing rapid expansion as it opens more than two new branches in different areas of the country every year. The institution has expanded to Nashville, Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. Currently, the institution serves more than 25,000 students from low-income families. The institution has a leadership development program that trains teachers on how to build a good relationship with their students.

Most recently, the media through the National Public Radio (NPR), questioned how public schools manage their classrooms, how students use technology and staff allocation. Rocketship Education, though it’s CEO has reacted to the media coverage claiming that the media did not provide an accurate and fair picture concerning the institution. The institution claims that the media assumed that it is the same as other neighborhood schools when it comes to internal practices and teaching models.

The CEO of Rocketship Education confirmed that the coverage by NPR painted a wrong picture about the institution. He claimed that every institution has its own approach when it comes to classroom management, which makes them different from each other. According to him, the media claims was as a result of narrow research.

Rocketship Education is different from other public schools in terms of classroom management. The institution has classroom policies and roles that help in managing the behavior of its students. The teachers are also provided with training to make them understand how to control the classroom. In addition, the institution has a lab rotation model which helps in managing how much students use technology. Finally, the institution has hired enough teachers to ensure that attention is provided to all students.

The Unique and Productive Strategy Run by Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was the President of Pratt & Whitney Company. However, Pratt & Whitney was not a standalone company. It was instead a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) which used to be a multi-national corporation that used to serve with both civilian as well as military economies. It was involved in the production of various products such as elevators, security systems, and HVAC as well as aircraft engines. UTC was credibly a completive and vigorous industry, but just like the most of the businesses in the year 2006, it was also subjected to the severe economic recession at this particular time.

The ultimate role of Louis Chenevert in Pratt & Whitney was to make it profitable and efficient in its production. Louis Chenevert managed to turn some heads in UTC and by the year 2006. He was elected as the chairman of UTC. Louis Chenevert quickly grew up to the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Louis Chenevert managed to make a chain of improvements to this organization when the market economy was subjected to a severe downturn to insulate them from the massive losses that most companies were going through.

Louis Chenevert was able to integrate all that surround the outsourcing. This was one of the primary tactics that he used to undertake. As many companies were credibly cutting down the cost by outsourcing their workers or even moving production to the nations that that were ready to work for cheap, Louis Chenevert used to run production into the United States. Louis Chenevert reasoning was that most cheap labor would lead to the creation of affordable products and thus, UTC was able to move workers and engineers into a centralized location by shifting them to their home state of Connecticut. The primary role of this operation was to put all the top minds and workers in a predetermined region whereby they would manage to aim at solving the problems together. This was more effective rather than having multiple divisions scattered all across the country.

However, this never seems to be a cost-effective mechanism since most businesses were of the opinion that cheap foreign labor was the best way to go. This would, in turn, reduce the quality of production. Through Louis Chenevert Mechanism, UTC was able to sustain their top rank during the hard times of the Great Recession and was capable of increasing their quality of their stock. Thanks to Louis Chenevert.

Vijay Eswaran Success Story

Vijay Eswaran is among the few entrepreneurs who have accumulated so much wealth in the course of their careers. The serial investor has started so many companies in the past, and he has done his best so that all of these companies can emerge successfully. Leadership, especially when there are several companies involved is a hard task. The businessman has been doing everything possible to ensure that his companies are running in the best way, and he has also appointed the best employees so that they do not fail him when delivering their services. Management is always the most complicated task in the modern times, and it is the simple tool that Vijay Eswaran has used to survive the tough financial times. The investor has also been keen when selecting the area to invest his wealth. At the moment, his greatest wealth is in retail, education, direct selling, hospitality, and technology.

Most of the successful people in the world today have been fortunate because they were helped to get their top position in the corporate world by people who are powerful. For Vijay Eswaran, hard work has been a key player in his success. The businessman did not enjoy the riches of the world when he was a young boy. Although he came from a family that could not enjoy the good things of life, the businessman knew what he wanted, and so he worked with so much dedication until he earned it.

The internet has also been assisting the serial investor in his impressive career. Operating an international company means that people have to communicate and coordinate activities that are taking place in different place. The businessman discovered that the internet was the perfect solution to the global marketing crisis he was facing, and he never looked back. His companies have been using the internet to connect and spread to more countries in the world.

A Samoan Paradise In Fagali

Within the collection of islands that make up Samoa, Upolu is home to the village of Fagali. With less than 2,000 people, it perfectly blends island-life with a variety of tourist attractions located just a short distance from the Fagali International Airport.

Located next to the capital city of Apia, Fagali offers visitors many activities to enhance their Samoan experience.

Upon arrival with one of several airlines operating out of the Fagali’I Airport, guests can enjoy the beautiful greens of the Royal Samoa Golf Course nearby. Its coconut tree-lined fairways provide the perfect tropical backdrop for a relaxing game of golf. With rolling hills and views that look out onto the open water, beginner and advanced golfers alike will enjoy this unique course.

If sightseeing is on the to-do list, there are plenty of beautiful and historic spots to visit. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is the restored home of the famed author of such works as “Treasure Island” and “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Stevenson loved the islands and the islands continue to love him back by preserving the late writer’s legacy.


The Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral is another incredible sight to see in the area. Its breathtaking artwork on the ceiling and the stunning craftsmanship elsewhere make it an architectural attraction for people of all belief systems according to The cathedral’s bright colors and comfortable atmosphere mimic the personality of the island, which is obvious during Sunday mass.

An island wouldn’t be an island without plenty of marine activities as well. There are plenty of businesses around that can provide visitors with great outdoor adventures like kayaking, canoeing, surfing, and more. The Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is known to be a perfect spot to go snorkeling and Lefaga Beach has the best waters for swimming according to Many island resorts provide excursions to nearby attractions as well.

Arriving at the airport is just the beginning of great experiences in Samoa. The island environment offers activities for all walks of life. No matter if visitors are young, old, adventurous, or traditional, Fagali will leave a lasting impression.

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Acquires College Savings

NexBank is an American bank that is aiming at making the lives of its customers better. The organization is not new in the American market. The company has always been recognized by its customers because of its high-quality services. The bank has been surviving the tough financial times because of its able leaders who understand the needs of its customers so well. The company has been helping its customers to accomplish so many projects in the recent times. Most of the beneficiaries from the bank are the people who come from low-income families in the country.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is very popular in the American market. The non-profit making mortgage servicing company has been changing the lives of the residents by helping them to acquire new homes in the most affordable ways. The Dallas based organization has now partnered with the prestigious Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity so that it can accomplish its mission in the region. The two companies have been offering a brand new program that will assist people to acquire homes in the most convenient way. The two institution has announced that they will be giving loans to more than one hundred people for more than five years so that the people who have low incomes can enjoy having new homes. NexBank will have a special role to play in this program. The company will be offering more than fifty million dollars to support the special program.

Nexbank has been very fortunate in the recent times. Despite the numerous hardships many people have dealt with in the tough financial times, the organization has been doing well. This has been proven by the numerous acquisitions by the American firm. Just recently, the company announced that they had purchased an institution known as College Savings. The New Jersey based company is already popular in the market, and this is why the management felt that they were not going to change the name after the acquisition. Nexbank management will take over the company, but the name College Savings will not change so that customers continue to use the services from the firm.

Dj Alex Pall’s Career With The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have released Billboard top tracks like Closer and Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. They have recently worked with the talented songstress Halsey. These hits The Chainsmokers create are catchy and have taken the world by storm. But mostly, these hits solidify how influential The Chainsmokers are to today’s music scene.

The band comprised of two very talented djs Alex and Drew have not always been making hit radio bangers. Just a few years ago, they were humble, hard working dreams looking to do what many people living in New York City are trying to do. The two young stars in the making were dreaming big and working harder, which has caused them to evolve into the successful dance music band they are currently.

Most artists merely sing on their own song. But not these two djs. They do more than just pronounce words into a microphone. They work with every part of the creative part of making their music. They are heavily involved in the small intricate details of creating a hit song. Producing music comes naturally to these twos.

Personalization has been a key factor in making their music stand out from the masses. Their ambitious mindsets have caused them to be viewed as true artists. All of their feelings and thoughts bleed into the passion of the music they create. This passion is real and can be felt by the millions of people who listen to their music.

They have goals for their music. They work every single day to reveal more of themselves in their music. They want their fans to feel a close connection to them, which is not something dj’s do to often. Intimacy is important to Alex and Drew. They do not want their fans to fill a void of emotion when listening to their songs. The Chainsmokers have worked for so long to create an authentic identity with fans. Their identity is special and unique and relatable. As for the group’s future, they will continue to establish who they are and create hitmaking dance music for all people to enjoy.

The Chainsmokers Best Dance Recording

Chainsmokers is an American production and DJ pair entailing two individuals namely Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The duo got an advancement in the year 2014 when they released a song by the title selfie.

The song was ranked as a top twenty single in many countries. Their next hit was the Bouquet that they produced in October in the year 2015 featuring the single by the title Roses. It was their first EP produced. This hit emerged to be on the top ten on the United States Billboard Hot 100.

The song by the title don’t Let me down attained the Grammy Award for the . They received it during the 59th award ceremony. Moreover, the song emerged their first top five single there.

Their hit by the name closer cropped up as their top first single on the chart. The duo has also won a couple of other awards. These awards include five iHeartRadio Music Awards and two American Music Awards.

Additionally, they launched their second EP by the name Collage on November in the year 2016. Later on in the year 2017, they produced their debut studio album entitled Memories do not open. Initially, the Chainsmokers was composed of former DJ Rhett Bixler and Pall.

In the year 2012, the Chainsmokers was restructured to an EDM DJ duo. This happened under Adam Alpert’s management in New York. Pall is a graduate of New York University where he received his bachelor in history and music business. Andrew Taggart is a graduate of Syracuse University.

Before meeting Pall, Andrew was interning at Interscope Records. Taggart had an interest of becoming a DJ. He had produced a few original songs on the website Sound Cloud. The Chainsmokers have got a remarkable ability to excite their fans.

They work smart and strive to expand their boundaries since it is a typical thing for all DJs. They utilize their social media platforms efficiently in their work. The Chainsmokers always reach for parties. Two months after releasing the don’t let me down single, the duo also produced the inside out that featured the Swedish singer Charlee.